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Hi! I'm Kristin. I am a trained Clinical Herbalist and Health Coach. I help you get to the root of your problems and teach you how to view your health in a holistic way so that you can become your own best healer. I connect you with herbs and other practical tools to heal your body naturally. 

I follow a "functional" approach and I believe that your body has an innate capacity to heal, each person is unique, and all things are connected. Herbs are just one of the powerful tools we can use to help our bodies find balance. 


In my 1:1 consultations, we focus on identifying and resolving the root causes of your symptoms. We will consider all aspects of your life and history, including diet, digestive health, stress, sleep, environment, and your unique constitution. My patients leave our consultations feeling empowered, with a greater understanding of their bodies and a clear road map to greater health. I offer a range of recommendations from custom herbal formulations, nutrition tips and useful supplements to how to create meaningful long-term habit change that supports your health transformation. 


I want to help to liberate you from "sick care" and help you truly get your health and vitality back.

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Victoria, BC

Tel: 250-415-4552

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